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Andere Tijden - Judo, Japan en Geesink

VPRO 2004, door G. Jansen Hendriks

Judo: The Japanese Art of Self-Defense

by Jigoro Kano

Sportspecifieke Judo-Krachttraining

Thea van Sante

Principles of Judo and Their Applications

by Jigoro Kano

Go Kyo Poster

Alex Bijkerk en Peter Page

The Contribution of Judo to Education

by Jigoro Kano

Bondsvademecum (Inhoudsopgave)

Judo Bond Nederland

My Judo

by Masahiko Kimura

Kodokan Kata

International Traditional Kodokan Judo

Nage no Kata


Katame no Kata

United States Judo

Kime no Kata

United States Judo

Itsutsu no Kata

United States Judo

Ju no Kata

United States Judo

Gonosen no Kata

United States Judo Association

Development of Judo Competition Rules

By: Syd Hoare Bath 2005