To practice judo in a safe way, the principles of falling techniques have to be studied first (and continiously), not only to avoid injury but to better learn the transition from standing techniques to those on the ground

Proper safe falling:

  • RELAX: tense muscles will transmit the shock of the fall to the less protected parts of the body.

  • DO NOT REACH: Reaching for the mat when falling will bring the full body weight to bear on the fingers, wrists, elbows, or shoulders resulting in injuries.

  • AVOID BONY SURFACES: Avoid any bony part of the body (hips, knees, ankles, heels, elbows, spine, back of the head) strike hard surfaces. In the case of the face fall or front fall (mae-sutemi) turn your head to the left keeping your head up so as not to strike the mat with your nose or head.

  • SPREAD THE SHOCK: Spread the force of the impact evenly over the entire body on the muscular surfaces of the body.

  • SLAP: Slap the mat with the entire arm using a cupped hand. The arm should be relaxed yet firm, striking not further than 12 inches from the sides of your body.

judo valbreken judo

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Falling Techniques

judo ushiro-ukemi valbreken
Backward roll
judo yoko-ukemi valbreken
Sideways fall
judo zempo-kaiten valbreken
Forward roll
judo mae-ukemi valbreken
Front face fall