Methods of Practice

Tandoku - Renshyu

Training with an imaginary opponent.

The judoka trains with an imaginary opponent and practises individually on precise movements/ techniques:

  • static
  • in various directions of movement (front, back, lateral, turning)

Uchi - Komi

Uchi Komi is the traditional skill building exercise of practising a technique to the point of throwing with a partner without throwing him. By not throwing one can practice the entry to a technique many times. Uchi Komi’s like all Judo practice should be symmetrical with equal time spent training to the left and the right.

Possibilities for example:
  • several movement orientations (forward, backward, sideways),
  • emphasis on one of the three aspects of a throw (kuzushi, tsukure, kake),
  • one judoka steps in/out, the other follows,
  • with resistance,
  • uchi komi of combinations and counter techniques, groundwork.

Yaku - Saku - Geiko

Tori throws Uke repeatedly without, and this is very important, resistance of Uke.

Kakari - Geiko

Tori attacks and Uke defends.
Both judoka’s agree upon the role of Tori (attack) and Uke (defence).


Light sparring contest


Judo contest, two contestants trying to throw each other for ippon


Practising the specialized method of formal repetition that preserves and clarifies the principles of Judo.